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Jiangsu Kargo Plastic Technology Co, Ltd. is a

plastic outdoor leisure furniture manufacturer and suppliers

, and a skilled company that combines design, development, production, and trade. We hold ISO9001 management system and the prestigious BSCI audit certification. Our expertise lies in injection molding for items such as pallets, garbage cans, and outdoor garden products. The KG factory spans 100,000 square meters, furnished with cutting-edge equipment and technology, aiming for a monthly output of 60 containers of top-notch plastic goods.
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    Rattan tables and chairs

    Rattan tables and chairs

    People rely on clothing, Buddha depends on gold clothing". Rattan and wood grain are the highlights of our Rattan series products. Generally speaking, rattan tables and chairs are imitation rattan tables and chairs. The appearance is similar to wood grain and rattan products, but it has the characteristics of anti-corrosion and anti-rust, and it also has the advantages of portability, high strength, and weather resistance. The Rattan series has a textured surface to increase friction. Loved by people, it is widely used in outdoor leisure furniture!

    The rattan series includes folding tables, benches, chairs, round tables, etc., to meet your life and leisure needs. Suitable for various indoor and outdoor activities, increasing the aesthetics.

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    Plastic Sofa

    Plastic Sofa

    Plastic sofa come in two types: injection-molded and blow-molded, featuring a sleek and modern design. They offer numerous advantages, such as high space utilization, good moisture resistance, and affordability. Their lightweight nature allows for easy mobility, while their easy-to-clean feature adds to their appeal.

    With simple assembly, you can enjoy a set of contemporary and sophisticated leisure furniture. Plastic sofas can be used for indoor home settings, outdoor patios, and public spaces. Thanks to their durability and portability, they are also commonly seen in schools and student dormitories.

    Events and outdoor activities: Plastic sofa are commonly used in outdoor events, open-air concerts, outdoor cinemas, and similar venues due to their ease of transportation and setup.

    In conclusion, plastic sofa have a wide range of applications. Besides providing comfortable seating, they also enhance the aesthetics of both indoor and outdoor spaces through different designs and styles.

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    Portable Table (Folding in Half Table)

    Portable Table (Folding in Half Table)

    The apparent advantage of the Portable table(Folding in half table) is its portability. The foldable design, equipped with side locks and handles, allows for easy carrying and compact storage when not in use.

    No assembly is required, as it can be opened and folded within seconds. Available in various sizes from 4ft to 8ft, making it easy to fit in the trunk for a spontaneous trip with friends.

    A portable table(Folding in half table) is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the picnic table surface is waterproof, scratch-resistant, and impact-resistant. It serves as dining or gaming table for outdoor gatherings or birthday parties, and it can also be used as a service or display table for indoor activities.

    The minimalist and stylish white design makes this Portable table(Folding in half table) suitable for any setting, accommodating 4 to 10 people comfortably. It provides a space for card games, puzzles, crafts, picnics, and more.

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  • 80*110cm Bistro Rattan Table(High)

    With an overall size of 80 by 110 centimeters, this table is the choice for gatherings, dining, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee.

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  • New Style KD Plastic Leisure Sofa Set

    The New Style KD Plastic Leisure Sofa Set, is a blend of modern design, comfort, and durability that will elevate your indoor or outdoor living space. This set includes two single sofas in high-quality polypropylene (PP) material, weighing just 11...

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  • Blow Mould Wood Grain Patio Sofa Set

    The Blow Mold Wood Grain Patio Sofa Set includes four basic patio sets, each consisting of two single sofas, one twin patio blow mold, a rectangular table, and two DIY small tables. Notably, this particular configuration does not include cushions,...

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  • 8Ft Rectangular Regular Folding HDPE Plastic Table

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Why Choose Us

  • Jiangsu Kargo Plastic Technology Co, Ltd.
  • Jiangsu Kargo Plastic Technology Co, Ltd.
  • Jiangsu Kargo Plastic Technology Co, Ltd.
  • Jiangsu Kargo Plastic Technology Co, Ltd.
  • The product is cost-effective and valuable.

    The company's geographical location and capable management team reduce transportation and labor costs; it reduces production costs by strictly controlling procurement costs and implementing efficient production control; its professional R&D team and technical service team can continue to provide new and more cost-effective products.

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  • Stable product quality.

    The company strictly implements procedures such as screening and auditing of raw material suppliers, testing of incoming materials, and comparison of incoming materials; strict production process design and program control make each batch of products more stable and traceable, and achieve high-efficiency production control; Each batch of products is inspected and quality controlled strictly in accordance with the supplier's specifications.

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  • Continuous and reliable product supply.

    The company's production capacity is very sufficient, and it has a high degree of control over the price, quality and stable supply of raw materials, laying the foundation for continued production; the company has a complete ERP system, a well-laid out sales and warehousing network and an efficient operating mechanism.

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  • Fast and considerate extended service.

    The company has always adhered to seamless service, and has carefully built an after-sales service team composed of technical backbones to implement round-the-clock tracking services to help customers solve problems and strive to make after-sales services faster and more considerate.

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