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Plastic sofa come in two types: injection-molded and blow-molded, featuring a sleek and modern design. They offer numerous advantages, such as high space utilization, good moisture resistance, and affordability. Their lightweight nature allows for easy mobility, while their easy-to-clean feature adds to their appeal.

With simple assembly, you can enjoy a set of contemporary and sophisticated leisure furniture. Plastic sofas can be used for indoor home settings, outdoor patios, and public spaces. Thanks to their durability and portability, they are also commonly seen in schools and student dormitories.

Events and outdoor activities: Plastic sofa are commonly used in outdoor events, open-air concerts, outdoor cinemas, and similar venues due to their ease of transportation and setup.

In conclusion, plastic sofa have a wide range of applications. Besides providing comfortable seating, they also enhance the aesthetics of both indoor and outdoor spaces through different designs and styles.

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Jiangsu Kargo Plastic Technology Co, Ltd.

Jiangsu Kargo Plastic Technology Co, Ltd. is a professional OEM Plastic Leisure Sofas Manufacturer and ODM Plastic Leisure Sofas Factory in China, We have an ISO9001 management system that passed the BRCI audit certification, an injection molding industry pallet & Garbage can, and an outdoor garden division. After 10 years of development, our company has two factories with a total area of 100,000 square meters. The Jianmei covers an area of 45,000 square meters, with fixed assets of 400 million RMB and an annual output value of 350 million RMB.
Our company is located in the Qutang Industrial Park Area, Hai’an County, Nantong City, north of the Yangtze River Delta. It is near the junction of Taizhou and Hai'an Expressway, close to the upcoming Shanghai Third International Airport, and enjoys a convenient geographical location with highway S28 line access and high-speed railway to Shanghai.

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Industry Knowledge Extension

What are the characteristics of injection molding and blow molding in plastic leisure sofas?
The injection molding and blow molding processes in plastic leisure sofas each have their own unique characteristics, as follows:
Injection molding process characteristics:
High efficiency: The injection molding process can quickly inject molten plastic into the mold for product molding. The injection molding machine has a short working cycle and can achieve continuous production, thereby improving production efficiency.
Complex shape: The injection molding process can manufacture products with various complex shapes, including hollow components, thin-walled components, etc. By reasonably designing the mold structure, the details of the mold can be replicated, so that the molded products have high precision and high quality.
Wide range of materials: The injection molding process is suitable for a wide range of plastic materials, including thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics. Different plastic materials are selected for injection molding according to product needs to meet the performance requirements of different products.
High degree of automation: The injection molding process can achieve fully automated production and reduce labor costs. The injection molding machine has a high degree of automation and achieves a stable production process through functions such as mold switch, temperature control, pressure and speed regulation.
Blow molding process characteristics:
Hollow structure: The blow molding process can manufacture plastic products with hollow structures. This structure makes the product both light and strong, while saving material costs. When manufacturing plastic leisure sofas, the blow molding process may be used to produce seat backs, armrests or other parts that require hollow structures. By blowing, the molten plastic expands into a hollow shape in the mold to form the desired structure and appearance.
Mold design: The precision and manufacturing quality of the mold directly affect the shape, size and appearance quality of the final product. The design of the mold needs to take into account factors such as the structure, wall thickness, dimensional accuracy, surface quality of the product, and must match the blow molding machine to ensure stability and reliability during the blow molding process. For plastic leisure sofas, the design of the blow molding mold needs to take into account factors such as the curve of the seat, the support of the backrest, and the comfort of the armrest.
Molding cycle: The blow molding cycle is relatively long because the blow molding process requires multiple steps, including heating, blowing, cooling, etc. In the heating stage, the plastic needs to be heated to a molten state; in the blowing stage, the molten plastic needs to be blown into the mold and expanded into a hollow shape; in the cooling stage, the plastic needs to be cooled and solidified before the product can be taken out. However, despite the long blow molding cycle, its high degree of automation and high production efficiency make this process still competitive in industrial production. By optimizing mold design and improving heating and cooling efficiency, the molding cycle can be further shortened and production efficiency can be improved.
Material applicability: Blow molding is mainly suitable for thermoplastics, which can flow when heated and keep their shape after cooling.
In the manufacture of plastic leisure sofas, injection molding is popular because of its high efficiency, complex shapes, wide range of materials and high degree of automation. Blow molding is suitable for manufacturing certain specific types of plastic sofa parts or structures.